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Preety in Pink :)


Ola! and welcome
I pour my heart and thoughts here
Pardon my words


rajin rajinlah kita motivate diri kita ni.kalau bukan diri kita sendiri nak motivate kan diri ni siapa lagi nak buat? 0.o
I do not try to better than anyone else, I only try to be better than myself ;)
the Sequel

ni tempat saja nak cerita kosong, nak celoteh sorang & nak bajet mcm minah salleh speaking english :')

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Story Six

 semester one has finally end
and I'm very happy about it.

a semester in Smap had taught me a lot of things.
especially things about the adults and friends. about trust, loyal and 'jealousy'

about how I discover the truth of something I have never expected.


life is a long journey. and I still have a year with them.
with her.

everything that happened in our life is a lesson, and we should do something in order to become a better person. ☺☺☺☺

I have nothing much to talk about
cuz I've been talking about two hours 

writing the tales of the triplet.